The Vine Star Who Coined “On Fleek” Needs Your Help Launching A Makeup Line

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The Vine Star Who Coined “On Fleek” Needs Your Help Launching A Makeup Line

Kayla Newman, aka Peaches Monroee on Vine, used the phrase on fleek and started a craze. Now, she's starting a GoFundMe to start her own branded cosmetics line.

How many times a day you do utter the phrase "on fleek?"

Whether it's a direct reference to your freshly groomed eyebrows or you've just binged the viral Vine (RIP) for the hundredth time, the little phrase has become part of our everyday vernacular. Popularized by Kayla Newman (aka Peaches Monroee) in 2014, "on fleek" has been uttered so many times in its almost three-year existence.

The phrase is literally and figuratively a quintessential part of pop culture today, with branded clothing and even a Nicki Minaj song reference. Unfortunately for Newman, however, she has not received any monetary recognition of any kind despite her slang's worldwide popularity.

"Everyone has used the phrase/word but I haven't received any money behind it or recognition," says Newman.

Even though Newman has not received anywhere near the amount of acknowledgment her original phrase has, she still has dreams of starting her own makeup line out in Georgia.

Her GoFundMe campaign has raised nearly $10,000 in just three days, and Lewis hopes to raise $100,000 to lay the foundation of her cosmetics and hair brand.

Several Twitter users have voiced their support of Newman's fund raising efforts with incredible enthusiasm.

With dreams of becoming an actress with a branded cosmetics line after completing nursing school, we believe it's totally possible for a young woman whose phrase went viral almost three years ago to accomplish everything and more.

So if you've ever said "on fleek" in any sort of context, maybe it's time you let your wallet do the talking.