Watch Demi Lovato Go Undercover as a Lyft Driver to Surprise Fans

by Faith Brar

Watch Demi Lovato Go Undercover as a Lyft Driver to Surprise Fans

Even after some Jonas Brothers jokes and singing behind the wheel, passengers in Denver never knew they were in a car with Demi Lovato.


In Wednesday’s latest episode of Undercover Lyft, Demi Lovato surprises a handful of clueless fans in Denver. Hidden cameras in the car record every conversation, in which the 24-year-old singer drops very obvious hints about her true identity.


“It’s like a job that’s like, cool for the summer,” she says to one of her customers, explaining what motivated her to become a Lyft driver. When asked about if she has any other jobs on the side, she reveals: “I’ve actually been traveling the country with my ex-boyfriend’s brother,” referring to her current tour with Nick Jonas, who is related to her ex Joe Jonas.


Not only that, but on several occasions, she even pokes fun at herself. At one point she jokes that “Selena’s so much more talented” than her, while telling another passenger that she’s better off seeing Eric Church live than going to Lovato’s Future Now tour.


You’d think that was enough to give her away, but she takes things a step further by singing some of her own songs behind the wheel. At one point she belts out Camp Rock’s hit “This is Me,” and also does a solo rendition of “Happy Birthday,” — but everyone is still clueless AF.


It isn’t till she takes her sunglasses off that the passengers realize they’ve been in a car with an A-list celebrity this whole time. We all wish we had that kind of luck.


While most passengers were very kind to the pop star, some were unfortunately forced to apologize. “I just insulted the hell out of you,” one passenger says, before going in for a hug. “I’m so sorry.”


Check out the video below.


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