Watch Serena Williams Teach People How To Twerk

by admin

Watch Serena Williams Teach People How To Twerk

Twerk, twerk, twerk, twerk, twerk, twerk.

We all know Serena Williams for her athleticism in court, but she's also got some serious moves outside the arena as well. While on set of what appears to be a photoshoot, the tennis superstar recently snapped a video of herself teaching her followers how to twerk. Obviously the internet is going crazy – and rightfully so. We’ve never seen this side of the seemingly “all work, no play” athlete before.

Williams starts the “tutorial” by sarcastically telling the camera that she is well aware that twerking has become a very popular dance moment.  "Squeeze those glutes. Engage your quads," she says as she takes a wide stance and slowly slides down into a deep squat. She even makes it easy for all the beginners out there by counting her movements so it’s easier to follow along.

Within moments, people start to join in. Starting with a man who seemingly lacks a certain finesse required for the dance move; we will give him the benefit of the doubt, though.

Eventually, she convinces crew members from the set of the shoot to join in on her “twerking class” – giving us some serious FOMO.

Check out the hilarious video below!