We Went Commando Like Kendall Jenner for a Day and We Felt Free AF

by More.com Editors

We Went Commando Like Kendall Jenner for a Day and We Felt Free AF


Two of our interns nobly volunteered as tribute to free their nipples in the name of Kendall… and science.


This past Monday, Kendall Jenner wrote a blog post (via her uber-exclusive app, of course) about her stance on #FreeingTheNipple. And guess what? She doesn’t care what we think of her liberated nipples.


“I really don’t see what the big deal is with going braless!” she wrote. “I think it’s cool and I really just don’t care! It’s sexy, it’s comfortable and I’m cool with my breasts. That’s it!”


While Kendall is totally cool about going commando, does her boob-freeing bravery work for the rest of womankind? (She also rocks a variety of designer nipple rings, which we’re iffy about.)


To see if Kendall is onto something, we decided to join her on her braless journey. Two of our interns, Bethany and Sierra, nobly volunteered as tributes to free their nipples in the name of Kendall… and science. Here’s what happened:


Our intrepid interns, Sierra and Bethany, took on the no-bra challenge.


First Thoughts
Bethany: All right, I went to an all-girls high school, so I know a thing or two about boobs. I also know that Kendall, who is beautiful and rail-thin, doesn’t really have big breasts. She’s an A-cup for sure, and that might even be stretching it. I, however, am a solid B-cup, so I can get away with bralettes and the occasional bare boob day. However, I really enjoy the security of a bra. But to be like Kendall, I’m going to have to ditch it for a day.


Sierra: Okay, hear me out. Kendall Jenner weighs like 2 pounds and probably has A-cups. This girl’s got Cs. I’m just sayin’, my boobs won’t be as obedient as Kendall’s. But hey, I won’t let that stop me from letting my nips breathe. I’m mostly worried about coming to work sans bra, because it gets pretty frickin’ cold here sometimes. Note to self: Don’t wear a thin shirt. FREE THE NIPPLE!


The Day Of
Bethany: I woke up braless, and then I put on a shirt…without a bra. It felt great, don’t get me wrong, but I definitely did not feel fully dressed. Let’s just say I don’t really trust my *girls* that much, and a bra helps keep them contained and restrained.


I made sure to wear a thick sweater in the 90-degree heat, just in case it got *chilly* at the office. I don’t think anyone really knew I was braless (mind you, I was wearing a dark gray mock-neck top) unless I felt the urge to fill them in. I certainly felt “free” throughout the day, but every time I moved I immediately became self-conscious. I don’t like the feeling of flopping, you know what I mean?


As the day moved forward, I started to become apathetic about the whole braless situation. Did I really care that I was wearing one or not? Did other people care? Do my boobs care? I would imagine not.


Personally, I choose to wear a bra on the reg just so no *mishaps* occur. Not wearing a bra to the office made me feel vulnerable at first, but then I just stopped caring about it. Sure, if someone was watching me closely, they could probably tell, but that would be weird and totally inappropriate, right?


Sierra: I think I changed like three times before deciding on an outfit. I wore a halter crop top that seemed very Kendall Jenner-esque, but I left my hair down just in case things got a little nippy. On my way to work, I rocked a pair of cat-eye sunnies and blasted the radio, because my motto for the day is WWKD (What Would Kendall Do) and that seemed appropriate. I found Bethany and we celebrated our braless-ness. Only eight more hours to go.


Around 11 a.m., we had an office meeting. And let me tell you, the room was FREEZING. My nipples definitely noticed. I crossed my arms and shot Bethany glances through the entire meeting. I think she was LOL-ing.


After the meeting, we went downstairs for lunch. Everywhere I walked, I felt like I had to walk gently to prevent bouncing. Normally, I’m all about #freethenipple, but at work it just doesn’t feel appropriate. Then again, Kendall and I don’t have the same job. Doesn’t she basically get paid to free her nipples?


Final Thoughts
Bethany: Bare boobs are pretty liberating, not gonna lie. While I appreciate Kendall’s outspokenness and willingness to go bra-free, I’m just not sure it’s for me on a day-to-day basis. I’m comfortable with my body, but I feel more confident in myself when I am wearing a bra. I’m not sure why that is, but I respect other women for ditching the boob constraints for good. I support the #freethenipple movement, but my boobs just have other intentions if they’re not properly strapped down. At the end of the day, I do care about having control over my body, and a bra is my trusty sidekick to avoid side boob. But ladies, do whatever makes you feel good. Rock what your momma gave you!

Sierra: Honestly, Kendall, I think you’re onto something. The #freethenipple movement is all about granting women the same freedom that men have to bare their chests, without public indecency charges, judgment, or sexual objectification. If this movement succeeded, perhaps it would be more common for women to go braless, even in the workplace—which would make me a very happy camper (’cause TBH, my nipples love their freedom). It’s awesome that Kendall Jenner is using her star power to promote such a worthwhile cause. So keep on freein’ those nips, girl. I’m with you 100 percent.