Wedding-Crashing Celebrities Who Love Surprising Fans

by Effie Orfanides

Wedding-Crashing Celebrities Who Love Surprising Fans

Over the years, quite a few celebrities have crashed weddings. Most recently, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel showed up at a wedding in New Hampshire, giving the bride and groom quite a wedding gift. While it’s not necessarily common, here is a look at many celebs who have added “wedding crashers” to their resume.


Beyonce and Jay Z



Back in 2014, Beyonce and her husband Jay Z were visiting Portofino, Italy, when they walked into a church. The celebrities didn’t realize there was a wedding going on, but that didn’t stop them from chatting it up with the bride and groom! Bey even took some pictures with the bride before heading out. How awesome?!


Brad Pitt



This sexy actor was enjoying an adult beverage at a bar when he was approached by a wedding party—in many ways, you could say that the wedding crashed him. It all went down at the Maidenhead hotel in the UK in 2013. Pitt happily posed for photos with the bride and groom (check them out here).


Gerard Butler



Alright, so it wasn’t a wedding, but Gerard Butler totes crashed a bachelorette party in Sydney Harbour in 2014. The ladies were on a boat celebrating the bride’s last days of being single when Butler hopped on board. Come to find out, it was a set-up by the boat company. Even still. Best bachelorette party EVER!


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez



These former lovebirds were walking the beach in Malibu in 2011 when they came across a wedding. Upon hearing “One Less Lonely Girl,” the Biebs and his gal decided to head over to check out the festivities. The celebrities had a fantastic time meeting the bride and groom. Justin made a speech and then he and Gomez took pics with the happy couple. There’s even some video!


John Travolta



In 2013, John Travolta was invited to crash a wedding in Georgia—and that’s just what he did! Evidently, members of the bridal party spotted Travolta at a bar the day before the big day and invited him to the party. He showed up and had a grand ole time with everyone. Huffington Post has the photos to prove it!


Meryl Streep



Yas, queen! Actress Meryl Streep was filming The Iron Lady in 2011 when she crashed a wedding. She walked into the Manchester Town Hall in England while a couple was saying “I do.” She later sent the couple an autographed photo of herself with the message, “Congratulations!”


Queen Elizabeth



Perhaps the least expected person on planet earth to crash a wedding, Queen Elizabeth did just that in 2012. Her royal majesty showed up at John and Frances Canning’s Manchester, England wedding, shocking the bride and groom. While the Queen was invited to the wedding, no one actually thought she’d go. Surprise!


Lady Gaga



In 2010, Lady Gaga was on her way to a show Australia when she noticed a wedding happening at the in Intercontinental Hotel in ­Adelaide. Gaga simply had to be a part of the couple’s big day! She walked over the the party, posed for photos, and bought everyone drinks.


LeBron James



The basketball star noticed that there was a wedding at the Ritz Carlton Coconut Grove. He walked over and posed for photos with the new couple, totally making their wedding that much more memorable.


Serena Williams



The tennis pro crashed a wedding in Miami Beach wearing nothing but her bathing suit. She was happy to pose for photos nonetheless.


Snoop Dogg



In 2014, Snoop Dogg (or was he Snoop Lion back then?) came across a Hindu wedding at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago. Apparently, he had a grand time for himself, entertaining the bride and groom and posing for pictures.

“They had a great conversation and a ton of laughs inside the bar. Snoop was a blast to be around and a really great person for making the day of Neesha and Joe a bit more special,” photographer Sherry Hagerman told the New York Daily News.


Adrian Grenier



The Entourage star was leaving the Ritz-Carlton’s spa in Marina del Rey, California when he walked right into an ongoing wedding. Perhaps he didn’t mean to interrupt, but the wedding guests didn’t mind one bit!


Steven Tyler



Steven Tyler is one of those celebrities you’d expect to see on this list, right? The Aerosmith rocker was at the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington D.C., when he came across a wedding. He posed for a couple of pics with the bride and groom before being whisked away by security.


Conan O’Brien



Funnyman Conan O’Brien had been receiving all kinds of social media messages from a bridal party in Atlanta, Georgia, inviting him to their 2013 wedding. Well, he showed up!


Taylor Swift



In 2015, Taylor Swift decided to crash a fan’s wedding. According to MTV News, a couple decided to get married in the parking lot at the Lincoln Financial Field where Swift was performing. The country star found out about this, her mom found the couple in the crowd, and the newlyweds were whisked backstage to celebrate!


Robert Pattinson



The hunky Twilight star was in Ireland last September when he bumped into a bride and took photos with her at her wedding reception. RPattz didn’t stay long, but he made sure that his smolder came through in the pics!


Ed Sheeran



Last year, Ed Sheeran was in Australia when he decided to crash a wedding. He showed up unannounced and performed “Thinking Out Loud” live at a couple’s reception!


President Obama



The POTUS was golfing (surprise!) in San Diego at the Torrey Pines Gold Course while a wedding was going on at the venue. After he finished his round, Barry walked into the reception and congratulated the bride and groom.





Mackelmore was in Washington D. C. when he decided to crash a wedding. He showed up ready to party and danced with wedding guests to his song, “Thrift Shop.” Apparently, his mom convinced him to pop into the hotel bash.


Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel



This happy couple decided to stop in to celebrate with another happy couple while in New Hampshire earlier this month. According to TMZ, the whole thing was planned by the father of the bride. Timberlake looked ecstatic to take pics with the bride and groom!


Tom Hanks



Tom Hanks was jogging through Central Park in September 2016 when he came across a newly married couple. The lovable actor apparently couldn’t resist congratulating the couple and stopped to take a few selfies with them! The couple’s wedding photographer was on hand to get some candid shots of the meeting, which she posted to her Instagram.