What Makes Emma Stone Different from Most Young Hollywood Stars

by Jennifer Lafferty

What Makes Emma Stone Different from Most Young Hollywood Stars

We could write a book filled with reasons to adore Emma Stone, but then we wouldn’t have time to catch up on her latest films. Here, we’ve condensed our love into a list of eight ways this starlet stands out among the rest.

Why Emma Stone Stands Out From Young Hollywood


At the age of 27, Emma Stone has already built a body of work that most actors only dream of. Her impressive collection of films ranges from critically acclaimed Oscar winners like The Help and Birdman to The Amazing Spider-Man franchise and comedies like Crazy Stupid Love. In addition to her obvious talent, Stone’s well-defined individuality is a big reason for her popularity. Here are the things that set Emma Stone apart from most young Hollywood stars.


Versatile Acting Range: It just makes sense that the more range an actor has, the more in demand they are going to be with filmmakers. Emma Stone has proven that she’s an incredibly versatile actor, with impressive performances in many genres of film, including her work in two very different Woody Allen pictures (Irrational Man and Magic in the Moonlight).


Lack of Enthusiasm for Social Media: Considering her age and the emphasis on self-promotion in Hollywood, it’s a little surprising that Emma Stone isn’t really into social media. If anything, she appears to be anti-social media, chalking it up to the needs people have to be liked, seen, and validated.


Unconventional Beauty: This striking redhead may not fit the mold of a classical beauty, but her unconventional beauty has turned out to be a plus. Her unique aesthetic sets her apart from the pack of more traditional-looking starlets and broadens the range of characters she can play.


Non-Trendy Exercise Routines: While it’s common for celebs to wholeheartedly embrace the hottest new fitness regimens, Emma Stone has a reputation for rejecting both trendy workout routines and fad diets. Preferring to exercise outdoors, her favorite fitness activities include rock climbing, Pilates, and walking.


Close Relationship with Her Parents: It’s an old cliche that people are drawn to a career in the limelight because they don’t get enough attention from their families, but Emma Stone is known for having a close and special relationship with her parents and has even been quoted as saying she has “some of the coolest parents in the world.


Predigital Role Models: Stone, who aspires to be like acclaimed actress Diane Keaton, admits that most of the actors she admires as role models are either from the predigital era or have passed away.


Extreme Honesty: According to Stone, her parents had a very trusting attitude toward her, and as a result it’s extremely difficult for her to lie. Emma told Vanity Fair she once woke her mother at 2 a.m. to confess she and her friends were planning to sneak out of the house for some candy.


Doesn’t Rely on Sex Appeal: Unlike so many of her peers, Stone does not want to build a career on her sex appeal and has admitted to being uncomfortable exposing her body. In fact, during a bikini-clad photo shoot for Vanity Fair, Stone mentioned that she usually wears a one-piece.