What You Need to Know as Leslie Jones Battles the Darkest Side of Social Media

by Hannah Marsh

What You Need to Know as Leslie Jones Battles the Darkest Side of Social Media

Leslie Jones has recently faced her share of cyberbullies. Celebrities and fans are stepping in to show their support.


After a week debuting her title of Team USA’s most excited fan in Rio during last week’s Olympic Games, Leslie Jones came home to what Ghostbusters director Paul Feig described on Twitter as, “an absolute outrage.”


For the second time this summer, the Ghostbusters and Saturday Night Live star is facing hateful attacks via social media.


Jones’ Tumblr page, JustLeslie.com, was shut down after hackers posted copies of her passport, driver’s license, nude photos taken from her cellphone, and racial images of the gorilla Harambe on the website. This dose of hatred comes shortly after Jones’ battle with Twitter trolls earlier this summer, in which the bullies — a term that seems tame here — had no shortage of racist and sexist comments in response to the release of the Ghostbusters reboot.


However, with as much animosity as the comedian has combatted as of late, the outpouring of love and support from fans and the far reaches of Hollywood (try searching #StandWithLeslie) give us hope that there is still good amid the repugnance of these nameless tormentors.


From our favorite talk show hosts:









Actresses and actors:




And singers:




Jones can find solace in the knowledge that she does not have to face the aftermath of these disgusting acts alone. And in case we haven’t made it clear yet, we #StandWithLeslie.