Whoa! This Woman Paid $90,000 to Kiss WHO?

by Rachel Weeks

Whoa! This Woman Paid $90,000 to Kiss WHO?

Don’t worry; the money went to charity.


All of us dream about smooching our celebrity crush, but this super-fan paid the price to actually make it happen. That’s right. Ana Paola Diniz overcame all awkward—and financial—obstacles to make her celebrity smooch dreams come true, paying $90,000 to kiss Ricky Martin.


No. This isn’t some celebrity-kiss-for-hire scheme. The Latin singer offered up a kiss for auction at the amfAR Inspiration Gala in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Diniz, who runs a pet resort in Sao Paulo, was the lucky winner. And she made every cent count. Seriously. Just look at this kiss.


The very public smooch, which quickly became a defining moment of the night, seemed to delight the crowd, all except Diniz’s onlooking husband Peter Bissi who puts his hand on his head in apparent disbelief. Ricky Martin’s new boyfriend Jwan Yosef didn’t seem to be nearby.


Taking place all over the world, amfAR galas have raised millions of dollars and attract all kinds of deep-pocketed donors, but none have gotten quite the opportunity that Diniz got on April 15. Her kiss, which was documented on Instagram many times over, was confident and spicy if only a little creepy. But, hey, it was for charity!