Who’s the Best Marilyn of Them All?

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Critical acclaim and legions of adoring fans are nice, but the true rite of passage for any actress on the rise is to pose as the screen siren that epitomized Hollywood glamour, Marilyn Monroe. Take a look at a few of the starlets who’ve portrayed the blonde bombshell in film and print, and tell us who you think did (or will do) the vivacious vixen justice.


Michelle Williams



The waiflike Williams transformed into the bodacious screen siren for her role in the upcoming movie _My Week with Marilyn_. Although she did gain some weight to look the part, Williams told _Vogue_ she resorted to foam padding on her hips to get Marilyn’s signature curves.

_Photo source: “Vogue.com”:http://www.vogue.com/_


Michelle Williams



_Photo source: “Vogue.com”:http://bit.ly/oCn8iS_





Madonna borrowed heavily from Marilyn’s image for most of her early career, but nowhere more obviously than in her video for “Material Girl,” which mimics (pink dress and all) Monroe’s iconic performance of “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” in the film _Gentlemen Prefer Blondes_.

_Photo source: “People.com”:http://www.people.com/people/_


Lindsay Lohan



In 2008, Lindsay posed for Bert Stern, the photographer who shot the famous series of photos with Monroe in 1962 that have come to be known as “The Last Sitting.” Each of the photos with Lohan was a re-creation of one of the famous Marilyn shots.

_Photo source: “Nymag.com”:http://nymag.com/fashion/08/spring/44247/_


Lindsay Lohan



_Photo source: “Nymag.com”:http://nymag.com/fashion/08/spring/44247/_


Drew Barrymore



Barrymore posed as Marilyn for the cover of JFK Jr.’s _George_ magazine in 1996. The birthday wishes, which were a nod to Marilyn’s famous serenade of John Jr.’s father, were for then-President Bill Clinton, who was turning fifty.

_Photo source: George_


Naomi Watts



Naomi tries Marilyn’s platinum locks on for size for her upcoming role in the movie _Blonde_, based on the fictitious memoir of Marilyn Monroe by Joyce Carole Oates.

_Photo source: Madame_


Mira Sorvino and Ashley Judd



The transformation from the pre-fame girl-next-door Norma Jean into the bleach-blond glamour-puss we know as Marilyn was so dramatic it was almost as if they were two entirely different people. That’s the premise behind 1996’s made-for-TV movie _Norma Jean and Marilyn_, which featured Ashley Judd as Norma Jean and Mira Sorvino as Marilyn Monroe.


Kelly Osbourne



Kelly channeled her inner Marilyn for a photo shoot with _People_ in 2010, when she was named one of their most beautiful people.

_Photo source: “People.com”:http://www.people.com/people/_


Lisa Marie Presley



Visionary makeup artist Kevyn Aucion transformed Lisa Marie Presley into Ms. Monroe for his 1999 book, _Making Faces_.

_Photo source: “Hotparade.tumbler.com”:http://hotparade.tumblr.com/post/3744506777/kevin-aucoin-lisa-marie-presley-as-marilyn_