Why Jake Lacy is the Perfect Leading Man for Female-Led Rom-Coms

by Jennifer Lafferty

Why Jake Lacy is the Perfect Leading Man for Female-Led Rom-Coms

Jake Lacy stands out among the many hot male leads in Hollywood as a sensitive heartthrob, possessing that rare combination of masculine sex appeal and sweet boy-next-door charm. The actor is noticeably sincere in these roles, possibly because they’re not so different from Lacy himself. Here’s why Jake Lacy is so irresistible in romantic female-led films.


He Loves Characters With a Sense of Decency



The most compelling romantic heroes are the positive, goodhearted ones, something Jake Lacy is also drawn to, saying he loves characters with a real sense of decency and hope. His appreciation for these qualities shines through in his performances.


He’s a Fan of “Project Runway”



It’s hard to imagine a manly guy like Jake Lacy enjoying Project Runway as much as we do, but the actor says he gets emotionally invested in the fashion series. How adorable is that?


Goes All Out to Win a Girl He Likes



Just like out favorite onscreen leading men Lacy ardently pursues the girls he likes, telling Popsugar: “I’d say every girl I’ve ever been in love with I’ve gone all-out to try to win, to try to woo.”


Has an Awesome Sense of Humor



He has a truly awesome sense of humor, which helps his performances in romantic comedies and on TV’s Girls. Lacy’s brand of humor is wacky, uninhibited and even self-deprecating, making him that much more endearing to fans.


His Manly but Wholesome Appearance



Lacy’s virile, robust looks could easily land him a role as a Viking, with his strong jaw, broad-shoulders and athletic physique. But there’s also a wholesome, clean-cut quality about his appearance which puts girls at ease.


He’s a Natural Rom-Com Hero



Not every charismatic hunk can be the hero of a female-led rom com. Described as a “feminist crush,” Lacy has the ability to seem strong and sexy onscreen without taking anything away from his leading lady.


Philosophical and Wise Beyond His Years



Also dubbed “The Thinking Girl’s Beefcake” Lacy can be stunningly wise. He talks about feminism being an inclusive concept for everyone, saying: “It should be okay for everybody to be their own person and co-exist together and still get the same rights.


“Crazy Sexy Cool” Was the First CD he Bought



It seems that he was always a Romeo. The very first CD Lacy bought, when he was just in the 6th grade was TLC’s Crazy Sexy Cool, and says he imagined that was what sex sounded like.


Has Good Guy Persona



He owes a lot to his good-guy persona, which has made him the go-to actor for lovable boyfriend roles. Lacy admits he’s not always as nice as his persona, but does enjoy playing good boyfriend/husband material characters.


Associated With Lots of Pro-Women Projects



Jake Lacy’s image has greatly benefited from being associated with a number of pro-women projects over the last few years; from TV series Girls to movies like Carol and How to be Single.


He’s a Romantic at Heart



Lacy is really a romantic at heart, confessing that he used to “fall in love” on the subway, having poignant fantasies about a random girl, imagining her listening to his hopes, dreams and fears.


His Puppy Dog Eyes Melt Our Heart



One of Lacy’s most valuable physical assets are his big, dark puppy dog eyes which convey kindness and a sort of innocence at the same time. Those eyes are the first thing that inspire female moviegoers to trust him.


Great Chemistry With His Leading Ladies



Great chemistry can’t be faked, and lucky for Jake Lacy he dosen’t have to. The actor has had notable chemistry with a wide range of strong leading ladies from Lena Dunham, to Rooney Mara and Olivia Wilde.


Is Happy Being a Part of Female-Fronted Projects



Although he grew up idolizing the ultra-macho Ray Liotta and was inspired by movies like Goodfellas, Lacy is genuinely happy about co-starring in woman-led movies saying that he is “proud and honored to be associated with female-fronted projects.


Admires and Respects His Female Co-Stars



When actors admire and respect one another it comes across on screen, and Lacy has real admiration for many of his female co-stars describing Carol castmates Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett as “both so incredibly talented and beautiful and accomplished.”