World Series Gifts While Keeping Taste Intact

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World Series Gifts While Keeping Taste Intact

With Major League Baseball everywhere in the news and the World Series officially underway for 2010, millions of baseball fans will be glued to their televisions … exhilarated by every victory, large or small, for their team. For some of us, it’s less about whether the San Francisco Giants or the Texas Rangers sweep the series, and more about seizing the perfect opportunity to find the ideal gift for those serious baseball World Series fans in your life.

Seeking Out the Unusual
We’ve all seen the usual baseball paraphernalia. The hats, the patches, the coins. Great stuff … but how much of it do you want staring back at you from those custom shelves in your home office? So, it became my mission to find baseball memorabilia, both beautiful and appropriate, that would satisfy the die-hard fan without insulting my delicate decorating sensibilities. The major league crystal glass baseball is no ordinary collectible. It’s designed and created by Steuben and is custom engraved and personalized with the logo of the World Series winner (or the logo of any MLB team). One solid, flawless, intricately molded ball of crystal. Elegant. Classy. Timeless.

For another unique gift for that baseball memorabilia lover, why not consider an Ultimate Baseball Hall of Fame Getaway from The Inn at Cooperstown? Your package includes an exclusive VIP tour of the National Baseball Hall of Fame; a 10 percent discount and free shipping on all purchases from The Hall of Fame museum store, catalog and website for one full year; plus free baseball merchandise and lodging for two nights, just to name a few. A gift that will surely be remembered for years to come.

How about a three-dimensional, limited-edition baseball art print from Charles Fazzino? With its vivid colors and amazing attention to detail, it captures the excitement of the playoffs in a unique and playful way. Charles Fazzino is one of the most popular and highly collected pop artists of all time. During his thirty-plus years as a pop artist, he has inserted his unique style of artwork into the very fabric of popular culture. You can’t go wrong with this gift for that baseball fan in your life.

The Ultimate Baseball World Series Gift
If you’re looking to be awarded “The World’s Greatest” in gift-giving, that would involve presenting your baseball lover with the ultimate design in baseball memorabilia, a regulation-size bat by Steuben is the perfect Major League Baseball gift to impress. Custom-engraved with the logo of the winning team (or any MLB team), this is a flawless, solid piece of molded crystal, created as only Steuben can. The craftsmanship on this piece is unparalleled and will forever stand the test of time.

No matter who wins the World Series in 2010, these gifts will endure for decades to come.