Zendaya’s YouTube Crash Course On Hair Is Utter Perfection

by Hannah Marsh

Zendaya’s YouTube Crash Course On Hair Is Utter Perfection

In a two-minute clip, Zendaya is teaching us all the difference between weaves, wigs, and hair extensions, and listen closely for her (not-so) secret tip to fabulous curls!


If you don’t know the difference between extensions, wigs, and weaves (or if you didn’t even know there was a difference), Zendaya—the hair guru, herself—has oh-so-graciously given us a crash course.


In a video recently uploaded to her official YouTube account, Zendaya tells all, and she even includes some key vocab words that help explain everything we need to know!


“There’s kind of a lot of hair involved in my content,” Z starts the video off saying. TBH, it’s quite possible that truer words have never been spoken. The former Disney Channel star has rocked more hairstyles than we could name, including dreadlocs, mullets, and cornrows, so far be it from us to question any of her tips!


“The place for wigs, I think those are best when it comes to, you know, full coverage and looking natural,” she explains while lounging in a (very comfy-looking!) bed. “They can be applied with tape and/or glue. I wear them when I want a completely different look. Like if I want my hair colored different, or something a little more dramatic, definitely the place for wigs.”


From tracks and clips to “super top secret” advice on how to get her gorgeous curls (spoiler alert: you probably have one of these around the house), you won’t want to miss a second of the two-minute clip.


Grab a notepad; we recommend taking notes.



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