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Chillin‘ In

We live in an old house. The oldest section is at least seventy years old. Although we have put in a modern ductless air handling system, it doesn’t guarantee instant comfort.

The nature of the house made putting in a typical central system prohibitive. In other words, it cost way more than we could afford.

So, the ductless system is a vast improvement over what we had before. We had sixty- or seventy-year-old gas heaters that were frightening to contemplate using.

Although I did, when I considered myself on the point of freezing solid, turn on one of the heaters, the result was astonishing. Flame shot from the vents on the front of the heater. Thankfully, I wasn’t in front of the heater at the time. A combination of a leaking vent and short in the fan caused this scary moment.

Needless to say, after my flaming experience, I decided freezing was preferable to more experimentation. So, when a bid to put in a ductless system was actually affordable I was delighted.

There is a reason they say “be careful what you wish for.” Thousands of dollars and hours of headache later, we have a ductless system. It heats and cools the house with efficiency.

However, the inside sections of the unit sometimes drip water down the interior walls. The unit outside is twice the size I envisioned and not where I want it. Plus, the back of the house is festooned with ugly pipes.

In spite of the genius of those who designed the system, the installation left a lot to be desired. I mean that sincerely—it’s a wonderful system.

It was the first system of its kind that the installer put in. I was assured that he had plenty of years of experience putting in comparable systems, however.

Unfortunately, he seemed to suffer from a level of indifference to the quality of his work that sometimes required much prayer on my part to prevent my striking him with a heavy object.

No, I am not exaggerating. I once spent one hour solid in my potting shed singing every hymn I could remember to prevent my committing violence. As a gardener, I have many potentially lethal weapons.

So, a year or so later, after I had calmed down, I told myself I should be happy that I have a working central heating/cooling system. I believe myself. Mostly.