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Choose Halloween Treats, If You Dare

We love inviting friends to stop by before trick-or-treating. It gives the kids (and parents) a chance to play before heading out as a group. It’s a good idea to serve healthy snacks so candy doesn’t become a main course for the evening, but we all know it is a focal point of this holiday. So, have fun creating a display that looks spooky or like a science experiment gone awry.

1. Set up a table in a central location and drape with gray creepy cloth or stretchy spider webs.

2. Use a variety of vases, pedestals, trays, and platters to hold candy, and scatter plastic spiders and treats to look creepy or gross.

3. Mix in some classics like candy corn or even caramel apples. Or, go with a black and white color scheme for a more subtle approach.

Photo courtesy of Momologie

Originally published on Momologie