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Christmas Corn Pudding

 Twas the night before Christmas when I spoke with a friend. 

I asked what was stirring ... if even a batter.

A loin was in the oven, trusseled with care, and with the hope that broccoli and corn would soon be the sides.

From being nestled in my bed to bolt upright at the oven visions of a warm creamed corn pudding danced in my head.

Me in my sweats, I reviewed a recipe or two and then settled in to make a corn pudding with what I had at hand.

From out of the cabinets, freezer, cubbies, and oven, there came such a clatter as I sprang into action.

I tore to the freezer and opened a bag of TJ organic corn. I threw half of the corn into a hot saltwater bath in a sauté pan.

The sweet smell filled me with joy like new fallen snow. I pureed the warmed corn. Milk would have glistened this concoction—but not from my kitchen.

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a colorful bag of farina de granoturco/polenta, two beautiful organic eggs, an onion, a small pad of butter, and a fresh sprig of basil.

With all the ingredients together, so lively and quick, I knew in a moment what would be my trick. More rapid than eagles the coursers they came: I blended, sautéed, mixed, soaked, scrambled, and poured all as required by name!

I sautéed a diced onion. I soaked one cup of polenta in 1 cup of water. I added this to the sautéed onion, a dab of butter and stirred. I whisked till it was creamy. Now a dash of salt. A dash of pepper and Salt of D Earth went into the creamy polenta!

As dry leaves before a wild hurricane fly, into the creamy polenta went all the creamed corn. With well scrambled eggs frothy with air I poured in the creamy corn pudding mixture and glared.

And then, with a twinkle, I added a pinch more salt of D-Earth. A tablespoon of Turbinado sugar because it was here. I pulled it all together, snapped a picture and turning around to grease up a Pyrex loaf dish in nearly a bound.

With the oven preheated to 350 Degrees, I chiffonade a small pile of fresh basil leaves. I mixed this into the creamed corn mixture and poured the whole mixture into the greased Pyrex loaf dish and flung open the oven.

OH how it twinkled! The texture so merry! The surface like a new fresco. The smell like sweet heaven. My mouth was drawn up like a bow and the oven door was closed.

I caught a glimpse of the time.

With my broad face a-smiling, I turned over an hourglass and laughed as I took to my desk chair and created a blank page.

The next half hour went by quickly in spite of myself! A wink in my eye and a twist of my head, I knew I had nothing to dread.

I spoke not a word, but went straight to work researching and writing.

Then at about 25 minutes, I turned with a jerk and peeked in the oven.

Giving a nod, it was off with the heat and oven door closed and pudding in place!

5 minutes later, I sprang into action. I did not give a whistle, but dug through a draw for a spatula and pulled out a plate. I flipped the pudding over, onto the plate.

Like new falling snow I sprinkled the top with more finely chiffonade fresh basil. I exclaim, to myself. I’m starving and couldn’t be happier with my Christmas corn pudding ... and to all, have a rock’n good-night!