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Collaboration Can Be Key to Artistic Growth

I work alone, but I don’t enjoy it. I can’t ask anyone else their professional opinion, I can’t be told, “Well, that’s good, but how about if we do it this way?” and I lack another person’s creativity to excite me. I have all of my business partners locked in and working with me, but what about the creative side?

Welcome, Ed Kelle, professional and award-winning wood turner, who is collaborating with me on a grouping of my pieces and is bringing incredible texture and new ideas. He is able to offer my art what I cannot: intense knowledge of wood and wood structure. The emotion I feel while looking at his work is akin to what I feel when I envision my own: earthy, real, organic, moving, dramatic, and textural. Like most wood turners whom I’ve spoken to, he uses felled trees, keeping his work eco-friendly, and that was important to me.

“In my works, I create unique pieces which remind us of the days of master craftsmen. I rescue downed trees, destined to become firewood or mulch, and give them new lives,” says Ed.

I will be alone in my studio for a while to come, so I thank Ed, and the other artist collaborators-to-be, for bouncing ideas back and forth, offering new ways of seeing a medium, giving me the technical cans and cannots, and exciting me artistically. To grow yourself, open yourself up to other artists and see if there is a way you can collaborate with them on their art, your art, or both!