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Collaboration Software Most Valuable Small Business Tool

Of the hundreds of small business software applications available, collaboration software may be the most valuable investment.

When money’s tight, as it is currently with our staggering economic problems, small businesses really struggle with where to invest their beans. They need to increase efficiency and often cut costs but, at the same time, boost their competitive edge. Of all the small business software available to support those initiatives, collaboration software may have the most to offer.

How can collaboration software help achieve these objectives?

One increasingly popular way to cut costs is the virtual office. Employees working in the office can cost two to five times their actual salary. You pay for space and all the ancillary utility and maintenance costs, furniture, equipment, telephones, contents and liability insurance, and so on. Even more if you own the building.

You also often need staff, like a receptionist and additional HR personnel, which you don’t need in a virtual office. Even if only some of your employees are working from home, these costs can be reduced significantly.

The benefits don’t stop there: You may be able to hire valuable staff that wouldn’t otherwise be available to you because of their location and, according to several studies, off-site staff can be even more productive than those in the office.

However, to pull it off successfully, your virtual employees have to interact; they have to operate as a team. And that’s where the right collaboration software comes in.

Whether your enterprise operates virtually, on-site, or a combination of the two, collaboration software also enables immediate and real-time access to information, other staff, and customers. This increases efficiency, speeds the decision-making process all around, enables off-site sales staff to close deals more quickly, and allows projects to get completed post haste.

Some of the results of using collaboration software are very impressive. With Central Desktop for example, one of the premiere, most popular and cost effective tools, enterprises have reported doubling their per-client profit and increasing general productivity by 30 percent—while reducing operating costs.

Any enterprise evaluating which small business software would give them the most bang for their buck should check out collaboration software. Sure, times are tough—but innovative small businesses that take advantage of applications that increase efficiency and productivity, that set them apart from the competition and give them an edge, could turn this into a very profitable year.