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College and University Fraud: Demand a Refund!

Colleges and universities may be facing lawsuits demanding money back for educational credits or units that will never transfer outside of the postal code they were earned in.

Americans, many of them adults, are returning to college to update skills in order to be more “marketable” for the current job listings. They will hear this same phrase, “Your previous college or university credits or units are no good here.” They will stand there in shock and then go sit in their cars and contemplate some form of official protest. 

If they are like me, they called or wrote our Congress, Senate, and the House of Representatives because surely this can’t be right. I sent over 1000 emails to these people as well as the Veterans’ Administration, The American Legion, The Board of Education, and many more. I received three actual messages back; all stating this was indeed a travesty but that “it is what it is.”

This past year, I have been “educating” people about my “college” experience and the fact they can so easily discredit a military education, which was paid for with your tax dollars. Colleges and universities: I will be the rock in your shoe, that noise you can never silence, and that one which demands change.

What is twenty years’ experience in medicine and a military education, with the required continued education completed during those years, worth? America paid an insane amount of money for my education; surely it is worth something? Every college/university I have applied to will give me NOTHING. Do all the same courses over. That has to be the epitome of arrogance and the intellectual rape of the educational process.

If you paid for and earned credits or units at a college or university, shouldn’t they be valued by every college or university? A dollar spent here is worth the same as it is there. It would be appropriate to say that an education valued in one postal code should be just as valuable in another; otherwise, it is not a “valid” education, and thus you should get a full refund.

Americans cannot afford “do-overs.” Many of us are spending our retirements or our kids’ college funds to “update” our education, only to discover our own prior education can so easily be dismissed. Just because they have gotten away with it for so long does not mean it is reasonable; in fact, an educated mind knows this to be true. 

The whim of a monetarily motivated educational institution, which has NO accountability for the transferability of the value of that educational dollar, discrediting each other’s educational value, undermines the creditability of the entire educational process.

Taking your money and then turning around and devaluing what you’ve paid for and earned equals fraud.  If we paid for an education, earned it, and then they took it back without giving us a refund, that equals stealing. If it were any other business (and it IS a business), this practice of devaluing an education would not be acceptable. If colleges and universities can disallow and discredit an education obtained via our U.S. Military, shouldn’t my president stand by that education and demand that it be deemed valid?

An American dollar and the value of an education must be the same anywhere in America. Americans traditionally demand what they pay for, so why stop now? I demand a full refund. You should too!