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Confessions of an Apple Addict

I remember the good old days, when that dude Steve Jobs was just some guy in an ugly turtleneck. Now every time I see him on TV I get super excited. Is he announcing the launch of the iPad 2? Or a new improved version of something that starts with i?

I may not be your typical Apple addict. They’re usually young and trendy. I’m a forty-something mother of three boys, ages ten, twelve, and thirteen. I’m a stay-at-home mom trying to break into the writing world ... but those facts aside, I have to confess that I am addicted to anything Apple. There I’ve said it. Now the healing begins, right?

Back in the days before I tasted the Apple, there was a buzz in the air. All the Apple loyalists would go nuts with excitement about the latest model of an iSomething. There would be lines on launch day, and they’d spend wads of cash on their shiny new toy. I thought they were a bunch of losers. Seriously who would line up for some dumb phone or an MP3 player? I mean were they for real? Now, sadly, I’m the first one online preordering ...

Let me take you back to the beginning—the day we bought my oldest son an iPod for his thirteenth birthday. After he opened his iPod, he played with it for a while, downloaded some apps, and went to bed. Then it was my turn to play. Before I knew it, I was punching in my email addresses and learning about that little ping that told me I had mail. That little ping made me stop everything I was doing and check my email. I’ll be damned if it was just spam, it was still mail right? Then I graduated to Safari and I wondered how in the heck I lived without Internet access that didn’t need time to load. Can you say OMG? Because I did. I surfed, touched, and learned all the trademark touch screen moves—some days I even touched my PC’s screen to see if the magic that made the iPod do its thing had spread its wonderfulness to my plain Jane PC. No luck.

Pathetic as it may be, I even stuck an Apple sticker on my laptop so it looked like a Macbook. When my husband asked me why the sticker was on the laptop, I lied and said the kids had done it. Later when I confessed, I told him it was like putting a fake check for a million dollars in my pocket (like Jim Carrey did before he became famous. Seriously, it worked for him didn’t it?). Maybe I would get a shiny new Macbook Pro, or a maybe even a Mac Air ...

Then came the apps. Before an iPod came into the house, I thought an app was an abbreviation for appetizers. Boy, did that change. Before I knew it, I was buying Rockband, Final Fantasy, and basically anything that looked fun. I found Plants and Zombies, and the frosting on the cake—Angry Birds. Can you spell addicted? No worries, because the iPod spelled for me too. Things were so good, I wanted to break into song, so I bought a few of those too. My son was over the moon. Apps were appearing on his iPod, and he didn’t have to pay for any of them. My husband, on the other hand, wasn’t as thrilled.

Then, news came about the iPad. I was convinced that I needed to get one of those. Truthfully, my son was getting a little frustrated with my vice-like hold on his property. So I preordered the iPad, and counted down the days. A week before the iPad launched, a wonderful email pinged announcing its arrival, and informed that my shiny new iPad was on its way. That was the day I discovered a place called Shenzhen, China, where all the iPads are made. Of course I tracked my new iPad’s journey. It was like watching a baby bird hatching. Finally, the big day arrived, and it was nothing less than Christmas in April. I remember the UPS truck parking on the street in front of my house. I forgot everything except the little package tucked in the crook of his arm. I did everything humanly possible to stop myself from flinging the door wide open before his toe even touched my front step. He smiled and passed me the parcel and I signed for it, shooting him a grin like I couldn’t have cared less. Little did he know that my heart was hammering, and I wanted to slam the door closed so I could carefully open the newest addition to my family. As soon as it was out of the box, it was time for pictures so I could record its first day with me. Minutes later, I was downloading weather apps, game apps, and pretty much anything apps. That’s when I realized that if I’d already purchased an app, I didn’t have to buy it again. Can you say wow? Then it was videos from iTunes, and don’t even get me started on the photos that I could flip through with one finger ... Of course, I threw in a few work-related apps, like Pages and Elements (a person needs balance). Ever since that day, my friends say my iPad has been attached to me. They’re probably right.

Months later, a newer model of the iPod was launched. This beauty had a still camera, video, and Facetime. Lucky for me, it just happened to come out around the same time my middle son had his birthday. What a perfect excuse to get the latest model.

The last iPod to enter the house was for my youngest son, who wanted to join the fun the rest of us were having.

So, we had all the iPods and iPads we needed; what was next? Well Apple TV of course! Then it was all the iTunes stuff. It was bittersweet though—bitter because it was more money out the door. But having all the latest movies at the flick of a finger? Now that’s sweet. Now I have my eye on a Macbook Pro. I’ve already told my husband that if I had that Mac I could, without a doubt, write a bestseller in a week ... he says no way, that Apple is forbidden. Can you believe he thinks we already have enough from Apple?

Looking back, I wonder if I was better off never tasting the Apple … maybe yes, maybe no. How about I let you know when my Macbook Pro comes in? Hey it doesn’t hurt to dream, now does it?