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Consider This Before Considering a New Car

The first mistake people make is buying a car because of how it looks. While is it important to visually enjoy looking at your car, most will find that the visual aspect dissolves when you start having problems with it. Be sure to research the vehicle you want before buying it. You may find yourself changing your mind once you look it up.

The second mistake people make is buying a car that is not suited to their needs. In most cases, when one goes shopping, they really enjoy bringing whatever it is home right away. Unless of course it’s a sofa or large kitchen appliance, you can fit it into your vehicle. If you don’t mind getting things delivered the next day or even next week, then you don’t need lots of cargo space. On the other hand, you may need a truck if you are purchasing a vehicle you also use for work.

Two or Four Door
Ask yourself if you will have many passengers or even a baby in your future. A two door looks nice but if you have children that do not yet put their own belts on, a two-door car is a real pain since access to the rear seat is restricted, at best. Unless it’s a sports car, it should have four doors but, there are few manufacturers that will agree.

When searching for your car, you already have a price in mind, right? Consider a few things before you sign that paper. Allow funds for other monthly payments related to your car purchase. Car insurance, maintenance and fuel are only the minimum extras. If you buy a used car, you may want to have extra money aside, in case you need an expensive repair. The type of car and whether it’s your first car will determine your insurance rate and also your fuel consumption. You can easily count an extra $200 or more a month for these.

Lease vs. Buying
If you choose to lease a new car, then you can get a higher valued car since the monthly payments will be a little less. Be warned that when the lease ends you have to either hand the car back or in most cases, spend a fortune on the buyback. Also there are limitations as to how many miles you can put on the odometer. When buying a vehicle, once the car is paid for, it’s yours! You can enjoy it for a few more years or more depending on how you took care of it.

Previously Owned Vehicles
All of the above applies here but, there is an added task at hand. You need to have the car verified by a seasoned qualified mechanic you trust. Your mechanic will tell you if anything needs to be fixed and whether the car is worth the asking price. If there are things to be fixed, get a quote on how much it would cost so you have a bargaining chip to bring the asking price down. If the person says they will fix the problem, get that in black and white with a reasonable date for the repairs to be done. This is especially true for used car dealers, as most do not offer a warranty or they offer a thirty-day warranty. Also verify the history of the car. This will allow you to see if its odometer has been tampered with. Used cars also offer something that new cars cannot. They will not depreciate as soon as you sign the ownership papers and drive off with it! A car that is 1 or two years old with low miles can save you a lot of money and still give you the feel of a new car.

It’s your money and you deserve to get your money’s worth. Use common sense before making your purchase. Be sure to research on CarTango. This will ensure that you find the best vehicle for mileage, price, size and much more!

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