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Convertible Baby Crib: Why the Best Investment?

This is an exciting time during your pregnancy to think about planning a special nursery for your baby. Your first priority is the safety of your child. You may want to look at the options that the convertible baby cribs may provide you and your baby. Or, lifetime cribs as some companies call their convertible cribs. A convertible baby crib is designed to grow with the ever changing needs of your child.

INFANT: The convertible/lifetime crib starts with the infant. Most cribs have an adjustable mattress that may convert the crib into a bassinet.

BABY: As your baby starts to roll over you lower the mattress into the standard crib.

TODDLER: Each convertible crib converts to a day or toddler bed by removing the front panel. A toddler guard rail can be added to the front to protect your child from rolling out of their new toddler bed.

YOUTH: As your toddler becomes familiar with the toddler bed the guard rail can be removed and made into a day bed.

ADULT: With the optional conversion kit (rails and slats), the convertible baby crib, now in the youth / day bed stage, can be made into an adult bed.

Lifetime Baby Crib benefits are giving your child furniture that will last and will change through each stage of their life. Did I mention cost? You purchase one bed that will last… maybe even send the bed with your child to college.


Since your first priority is the safety Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JPMA). Two manufactures that are approved are Atlantic Furniture and Child Craft a division of Foundation Worldwide Inc. of your child, make sure the manufacture of the crib has been approved.