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The Costs of Going Green and Twenty Ways to Save

Going green doesn’t have to mean less green in your wallet. I keep it simple and look for items that naturally cost less, find ways to be thrifty, and align any necessary spending with my values. Here are some tips:

  1. Find your market. I find the small Asian market that includes organic vegetables. Make it a game to save by finding your cheaper market.

  2. Clean green with homemade green cleaning products.

  3. Switch your computer on standby mode to save energy when it sits idle.

  4. Save a trip to the store and save more green by making your own organic baby food.

  5. Buy a re-usable water bottle instead of purchasing overpriced plastic water bottles.

  6. Stop buying tampons and green your time of the month. (I swear by it.)

  7. Put profit in the same category as social and environmental causes and consider a green MBA while you work to save the planet.

  8. Earn more to spend less by switching to a career in renewable energy.

  9. Try doing The Compact and try not shopping altogether. If you need a new outfit, go nuts at a clothing swap.

  10. Keep your own stylish bag in your purse for those times you do need to shop.

  11. If you must shop, then use these online green shops to buy everything you could ever need.

  12. If you must buy shoes, save the environment and your wallet some damage with very sexy Vegan shoes.

  13. Get out of your car and hop on a recycled bike.

  14. Take public transportation and make a new friend (or not).

  15. If you must buy a new car, research the most up-to-date green models.

  16. Save more by greening your home than buying a Prius.

  17. Save on gas by trading in your SUV.

  18. Incorporate green travel tips the next time you take a trip.

  19. When you fly, check which airline uses cleaner fuels to prevent pollution.

  20. Stop buying pricey meat or fish, and try your hand at eating vegetarian.


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