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The CPA OnRamp

Are you an accountant considering a return to the workforce? Unsure of whether you still have professional value and where to start your career search?

YourOnRamp recently spoke with Tracey McShane, Experienced Hire Recruiting Manger for Deloitte Services in Dallas. Not surprisingly, she says the most important step for an OffRamped CPA is to keep up your CPA license. If you have let your license lapse, understand your state’s policy for reinstating. In some cases you may have to reapply. While Deloitte does hire accountants without their CPA, it is a requirement to be a manager.

Deloitte is a very progressive firm with many flexible jobs and is open to hiring OnRampers. An employment gap on your resume is not always a significant hurdle. Tracy says, “ideally, a candidate for Deloitte has been in a large organization before and is familiar with a management structure that includes several reporting relationships. However, if an OnRamper has their sights set on a Big 4 job, it doesn’t hurt to start at a smaller firm first.”

This illustrates why YourOnRamp calls it a “ramp”—it is not an elevator where you necessarily return to work on the same floor you left. Recognize the need to ease yourself back in to the workforce, get adjusted to employment once again, regain your professional confidence, and update your skills.

Deanna Walker, Vice President of Venturity Financial Partners, has hired OnRampers in the past. While a few started with contract work as a way to get back in, others have come back full-time, but in a lower position than when they left the workforce. These experienced hires have the opportunity to “ramp up,” or advance more quickly, because of their knowledge and experience. “The biggest hurdle for OnRampers,” Deanna says, “is their confidence, along with refreshed technological skills. Demonstrating a willingness to learn is a key attribute for hiring.”

Accountemps, an international temporary staffing firm for accounting and finance professionals, provides educational opportunities to OnRampers. One of the advantages to registering with Accountemps, is the free access to their online training program, which offers over 6,000 courses and online reference materials. Susan Afan, senior regional vice president for this Robert Half company, encourages OnRampers to take on project work as a back-to-work strategy. She says, “These assignments help you build your skills and expertise, meet new contacts and potential hiring managers, and gain experience on current issues. For example, you may be able to learn about a new financial software program or ERP package. In addition, temporary work can lead to a full-time job opportunity.”

Whether you are looking for full-time or part-time work, project work is a great avenue back into the workplace. Afan’s firm can provide resume guidance and training to enhance your skill set and career marketability.

Regardless of what career you are OnRamping into, there is work to be done before contacting one of these firms. Research the attributes employers are looking for and take steps to improve your expertise in these areas. Also determine how you can transfer the knowledge and skills you gained from activities you pursued while out of the workforce, such as volunteering as a bookkeeper for a local charity or taking a leadership post in a community organization, into a new role. It is your job to “tell a story” with your background and experience and to show your interest in refreshing your skills. Employers are eager for your talent. Build your confidence and jump back in!

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