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Crafting Your Own Path

It is easy to fall into the trap of listening to other people’s voices.

They are always there to tell us what to do and how to do it. They also try to be our guides, telling us what ought to be done, what should be pursued and what should be dropped. Too often, they ask us to leave our crazy and risky ideas and plans, for the more stable and secured future. Or so we thought.

There is wisdom in listening to other’s wisdom but there is also a need to stay still and listen to the little voice inside us. It is one, which encourages us to pursue our deep passions in life; it is one which does not provide guarantees but only the promise of being able to live soulfully.

It had been months since I left my work. It was a work, which I loved to do; it was a work, which allowed me to touch other people’s lives. I had a great boss who values my ideas and provides me the leeway to execute my plans.

But I was feeling so comfortable with it. And it was the time when I realized that it has become a matter of routine. Besides, I wanted to do more, explore the world more.

So I took the courage to tell him my plan, telling him that I need to craft my own path and though I am grateful for the guidance and opportunities, I need to go on my own. He understood.

Everyday, I try to find time to pursue my passion. I believe that I finding my way.

I still listen to the deep still voice inside me.