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A Crazy Little Thing Called a Blog

When we decided to create a blog about our high-risk triplet turned quadruplet pregnancy, we had no idea that “strangers” would be reading. We had no intentions of generating revenue through ads to help pay for groceries. We had little to no knowledge of how to upload videos, how to track visitors, or how to design a blog header … we just wanted to better communicate and request prayer from our family and close friends.

Lo and behold, here we are three years into this crazy little thing called a blog.

And we have much to show for it: precious friendships, a written collection of memories, a way to give back through our NICU Survival Kits, and countless comments of encouragement along the way.

Blogging has certainly been a blessing to us, and I hope we can continue to be a blessing to others.
This year I decided to create some goals for blogging and share them with my readers for accountability purposes.

  • Striking a healthy balance between blogging and other responsibilities
  • Grow our giving through our NICU Survival Kits project to support families experiencing the uncertainties of the NICU
  • Growing our blog in readership in order to connect to others and to financially contribute to our family during this season of unemployment
  • Gaining boldness in communicating my faith and sharing God’s incredible mercy and grace in our lives
  • Continuing to build relationships and partnerships between products and companies that have genuinely made our lives better, and passing along the benefits to you
  • Connecting to you the reader better through vlogging, responding to comments, visiting your blogs, conversations on twitter, and listening to your input
What are your blogging/online goals for this year? How are you doing a month in? 

Originally published on 4tunate