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Create a Healthy Relationship with Money If You Want More

Money is a very powerful theme in our society. We need it for survival but because it’s involved in so many of our daily activities and goals, money can be viewed as TOO important.  Unfortunately to some people, they measure their own self-worth by what they’ve purchased or their bank account balance. How do you relate to money? Do you respect it? Do you dislike it? Does it stress you out?

If you have a healthy relationship with money, you’ll make more easily. If money scares you because you struggle financially, you’re probably closing yourself off and keeping yourself from monetary abundance.

Try this, when you’ve purchased an item or paid a bill, think of the money you’re giving out as a gift, a blessing. Know that the money you spend (no matter how minimal) supports you and your loved ones. Money is therefore an extension of your love. Imagine your wallet and mailbox full of cash while you also envision people and things that you are also grateful for. You want to make sure that money is NOT the only thing you’re grateful for.

I’ve compiled some Abundance Affirmations to recite daily. They can lift you out of any bad feelings that may surround you views of money. Remember to sit in peace while reciting and breathe deeply. Really envision that what you say is real.

Abundance is my divine birthright
My grateful heart draws abundance like a magnet
I’m deserving of abundance, no matter what
Feeling joyful increases abundance
Abundance around me, abundance within me, abundance though me