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Creating Order Out Of Christmas Chaos

The gifts have been opened, the food has been eaten, and the extended family has gone back to where they belong. How do I start to get my house back together again? Here’s my plan for creating order out of Christmas chaos.

1. Grab a garbage bag and walk around the house, picking up anything that needs to be thrown away (or recycled).

2. Pick up any dishes around the house and put them in the kitchen sink (you’ll wash them later).

3. Have all family members move their gifts to their own rooms (provide bags or baskets if necessary).

4. Straighten the sofa, clean off tabletops, and pick up anything from off the floor (this tip alone will help you feel better).

5. Throw any dirty linens and/or towels into the wash (pretreat stains to keep them from setting in).

6. Wash dishes in the kitchen and wipe down countertops (grab a piece of fudge while you’re at it).

7. Check bathroom and wipe up as needed (change hand towels to cut down on shared germs).

8. Vacuum/sweep any dirty floors (to keep dirt from spreading to cleaner areas).
9. Make a list of any thank-you notes that need to be written (before you forget).

10. Sit down and have a cup of tea and a Christmas cookie (we’ll start dieting tomorrow).