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Crossroads: Now What?

After “chasing the money” for almost seven years—pursuing jobs in different fields, being perplexed about my next step in life, ending the work day by crying my eyes out and leaving my husband speechless, missing out on my only son’s childhood, absent from family gatherings, and feeling like a complete stranger when I did come home on my scheduled vacations (every four to five months) I was called into the human resources office and was told my department was being consolidated, my services were no longer needed, and I had forty-eight hours to pack.

In the back of my mind, I knew this was coming and unfortunately I didn’t make the right “move” to keep this from happening … I was RELIEVED. I felt so free but at the same time I cried my eyes out as my husband held me in his arms (this would be the first time we have ever been apart).

Thanks to a wonderful friend, I had another job lined up. The funny thing is once I got home alone, I vowed to never get on a plane again unless it was for vacation. Needless to say, I turned down the job my friend had lined up for me and felt awful and our friendship has suffered but something inside just wouldn’t let me take another job that took me away from the U.S.

So now, I’m at a crossroads in my life … looking for a job in a market where I have never, ever been. See, I joined the military right after high school, stayed for ten years and then worked as a government contractor, so here I am in a new territory and I feel so lost.

It’s been almost three months I’ve been home and I’ve been looking for a job and going to school online, searching for my passion and my purpose. It hasn’t been mentally pleasant because much to my surprise, I am not the type to sit at home and get hooked on soap operas or mindless television shows and drown in the “reality” TV circuit.

So now what?

Hopefully, someone will read this article and relate to this situation and/or offer some great advice of what to do next, how to find my purpose, how to find my passion.