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Customer Scare

Uganda has historically been declared a country full of hospitality probably because that applies to the world out there, the outsider or persons being targeted as possible gain points. It is true: Ugandans are hospitable but one has to watch out getting hospitalized instead.

The stranger in the bus chatting you up or buying you a drink could be the person giving you chloroform and ripping you off clean. The bus conductor inviting you into a bus could be the ruthless money hack about to take your money and then offer you no seat on the bus.

Okay, I have had my legs injured and my back almost wrecked in the name of travelling. One wonders whether public transport is the best option, when what is available is customer scare and not care. There is no bother about passenger safety. Drivers drive wild and the bus conductors fill the buses like passengers where some kind of cargo.

What kind of business gives customers two alternatives: bad and worse services, rather than good and bad services? Gone are the days when the customer was the king—now he or she is just but a thing.