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Cuttin’ Back on Tissues?

Okay, okay, things are getting tougher. We are all saving where we can. No looking down noses, pun intended. So, I noticed those rolls of toilet paper sitting around on tables for stuffy noses do look a little unsightly.

Eureka! You know those cube tissue cover boxes that you might not have gotten rid of yet, but aren’t using? Those cube tissue cover box covers you see at second hand stores or Maxes and Marshals that no one buys, and are very cheap. These boxes fit a roll of toilet paper. If you push out the cardboard roll and pull that inside paper through the slot, not the outside sheets, voila! You are only buying one personal paper product.

It is important to keep this as clean as possible; I was told by an MD these sealed boxes can be near sterile. So make sure you wash your hands before the process and try to keep the roll in a baggie, inside the box cover.

You can even reuse an actual cube cardboard tissue box that’s empty. Open the seams and put a spot of tape or stick Velcro there. Only reuse once, as otherwise, that would take away from the cleanliness aspect.

Try to remember to clean the non-cardboard box between each use. Try a quick spritz of alcohol put into a small travel size pump spray bottle, also great for spraying door knobs in cold season.