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The Daily Commute: Word on the Web

Hi ho, it’s off to work we go! Whether commuting by plane, train, or automobile; bike, bus, or on foot, we’ve all had our issues with our daily commute. Drivers complain of traffic jams, train riders moan of delays, bikers damn the cars, and walkers curse their shoes. Read the following commuter-friendly stories and turn the task of getting to work into a positive experience.

Did you know that using public transportation has mental and financial advantages? Here is how to make your commute profitable. (

To paraphrase Ellen DeGeneres regarding cell phone usage and driving: “Any activity that involves both of your arms and both legs; well, your brain should probably be in on it too.” Here are ten other activities that should be illegal to do while driving. ( 

Does a bad economy mean less traffic? In L.A. it appears so, but it still ranks as the city with the worst rush-hour traffic. See how your city ranks. (

Read about one woman’s efforts to switch up her routine and take the Bike Commute Challenge. (

Add charging your iPod to your morning routine and make the most of the down time during your commute. (

“But I was going with the speed of traffic, officer …” If you are going to try to fight a speeding ticket, beware of these speeding ticket myths. ( 

The unemployed but musically gifted take their talents underground. Apparently the recession has created a surge of terrible subway performers. Hey, it beats job hunting. ( 

To avoid becoming your child’s unpaid chauffer, start carpooling today! covers the carpooling basics so that you can handle a minivan full of eight-years-olds as well as their parent’s expectations. ( 

Have you ever wondered if the man of your dreams might be just a bus stop away? teaches how to flirt en route. ( 

Savvy business travelers follow the lead of airport employees and use these low-cost alternatives to get to the airport—and we mean low as in $1.25 low! ( 

New to the bike commute? DivineCaroline’s Natalie Josef offers smart tips for a smooth ride. (