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De-stressing the Workplace

What is one of the main stressors in our lives? Work!

A national survey was done and showed that 70 percent of our nations employees state that they were over-stressed in the workplace! That is a lot of stress!

Did you know stress can lead to major health issues, costing employers lost productivity and related health care expenses? Relieving stress in the workplace just makes good sense! Reducing your employees physical and mental stress reduces burnout and related fatigue, making them more productive and your company more successful.

Every year, more companies are heeding the call. These include law firms, city utilities, school faculty, hospitals, and major corporations such as Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, Boeing, Apple Computer, Sherwin Alumina, PepsiCo., Sony, and many more.

Most companies contract wit a massage therapist who schedules appointments with employees during their breaks. The recipient is seated in a specially designed chair which allows the therapist to work on the back, neck, shoulders, and arms, addressing the common problem areas of today's workers. There is no oil used, the worker is fully clothed, and the massage session lasts ten to fifteen minutes per employee, about the time of a usual coffee break.

The cost is generally a dollar a minute, sometimes paid for by the company, others choose to have each employee contribute.
Either way, you will be giving yourself and your employees a wonderful gift of relaxation, a more clear-headed approach to their work, and a stress free environment.