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The Different Ways You Can Increase Your Salary In the Dental Industry

Are you thinking of studying to become a dental hygienist? What we are going to talk about today is how you can earn more in your career as a dental hygienist, and the options available to you. Who doesn’t want to be paid more? Considering the time and money invested into your higher education, and not to mention your licensure.

You can go back to college to obtain bachelor’s degree, to help increase your total annual salary. But you can also relocate yourself to a different state that pays more. The following information will cover these topics in further detail.

The BLS reports that a full-time dental hygienist employed in the country earns about $60,625 per annum. If you do the math, it is roughly about $30 per hour. That’s just an average however. The fact is that most of the employment in this industry tends to be contract-based. Meaning they are paid hourly.

Depending on which state you are employed in, your salary may vary as well. Working in areas where there is more job availability will get you more money per hour, due to employment competition.

According to nation-wide statistics, a dental hygienist’s salary in some rural areas averages out about $34 per hour. At the same time, larger cities such as LA and San Francisco have their dental professionals enjoying a better rate of $57 per hour.

Getting a degree in dental hygiene is another option for you. According to the reports though, this isn’t really a popular alternative. Having a higher qualification as a hygienist will not necessarily get you a higher rate in the same dental office. What it can do for you is to allow you to work in other areas.

With a master’s degree for example, you can teach dental hygiene in universities or colleges nation-wide. Doing this part time, together with working in a private practice will allow you to earn more.

Working for the government can be great as well. The wages in this sector are going to be much better than going private but it can be a struggle getting employed there in the first place.

Although the wages are already quite decent, it isn’t enough for some people. But here’s my advice. The more years you spend in the industry, the more you’ll be earning. You can always ask employers for raises as well, and that isn’t out of the question.