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Dip in Business During Holidays: Five Tips

The holiday season will be here in two weeks!

I know what that means for my business—that there will be a dip in my income, as well as a dip in activity.

Current clients will not want to be working with me during the holiday weeks, and prospective clients will wait until the New Year to get started. Even my phone stops ringing as much and I notice a decline in blog postings and emails as well.

Now I’m prepared for this time and use it to focus on other activities in my business. Here are some ways that I’ll be taking advantage of this quiet time of year (at least in my business):

  1. Saving money by holding off on big expenditures until after the New Year.
  2. Doing additional marketing to counter the dip in business.
  3. Promoting upcoming events and speaking engagements in January and February, offering them as great holiday gifts to “that someone special.”
  4. Housekeeping: reorganizing files on my computer, gathering receipts, and collecting expenses for the upcoming tax season, straightening up my office closets and files, checking to see what programs or systems need to be upgraded.
  5. Putting into place and working out the bugs on new processes. I’ve decided to move out of my comfort zone this year in having a paper day planner and instead use an online calendar that can be linked to my phone. I am upgrading my cell phone to an iPhone so that I can go digital this year!

What tips do you have for using this dip during the holidays? I welcome your comments.