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Is Direct Marketing Really a Dream Job?

In today’s day and age with people getting laid off, companies down sizing and the economy tanking in general, people are looking for alternatives to the unemployment line. More than ever people are looking at starting their own venture. Direct marketing is one of those alternative ventures. But is it for you? Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering your alternatives.

1. Do you have a fear of selling? 
Many people do, but if you know the source of your fear, it can be overcome. Fear comes in many shapes and sizes. We worry about being liked, or being pushy or we are just plain afraid of rejection. Knowing where your fear comes from is the first step to overcome it.

2. Can you be enthusiastic about what you are going to market?
Try making a list of everything you really like about the product or service you are considering. If the list is long, the chances are that you will be able to share the information with enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is the first step to passion and the two together are the path to success.

3.Are you determined?
Can you stay focused? Most people take action and reach their goal because they stay focused on the benefits of doing so. Sometimes reminding yourself of what you want and why you are looking at alternatives can help you to take the next step and make the right decision for yourself.

The most successful people are those who are genuine and passionate, but most importantly enjoy what they are doing. Can you see yourself having fun and being excited to put your all into your adventure each and every day? If so, something new and foreign can become familiar and very acheivable.

My name is Marla Keeble-Jungen and I am a direct marketer. I have found a passion for my product and joy in helping others to acheive their goals of independence and success. For me the dream is real and ten steps accross the hall from my bedroom. Not a bad commute.