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Dirty, Sexy Cuisine: An Interview with Naughty Chef, Blythe Beck

“Naughty means butter, cream, cheese, and pork fat. It means a flavorful American dessert with a sexy twist.”—Chef Blythe Beck

She is bold, sassy, and has this gritty, raspy voice that makes you want to crank up Led Zeppelin to full volume. She is the star of The Naughty Chef. And if you haven’t heard of Chef Blythe Beck, you will. Oh, yeah, honey, You Will.

Chef Blythe Beck is the twenty-nine-year-old Executive Chef at Central 214 at the Hotel Palomar in Dallas, Texas; she is also the oh-so-naughty chef on Oxygen TV, and I predict she will achieve total world culinary domination within the next two years. 

Anyway, after watching her show on Oxygen TV, I contacted her all gushy and girlie and giddy … “Pleeeease can I interview you for my blog on Skirt before you get too immense and Oprah on me?”

Yes, I begged a little bit. So what.

It worked. So, are you hungry for more?

All right, here is Chef Blythe Beck in her own bubbly, exhilarating, passionate words.

K: Blythe, you mentioned that becoming a chef was not your idea, but somehow the profession found you. I believe that eventually we tap into our passion, our destiny, our purpose. Do you?  

Blythe: I totally believe that our passion and our destiny find us. I think you have to be open to it and accept it … but yes, I think we all find our dreams eventually! It doesn’t come without hard work but if you want it badly enough you will make it happen!

I am a big believer in laser focus! 

K: You utilize adjectives like sexy and dirty when you talk about food. (Seriously, you’re a girl after my own heart!) What would you consider the most sexy, dirty meal you’ve ever made or devoured? 

Blythe: I think the sexiest meal I have ever made is the chicken-fried Kobe. I take a center cut Kobe rib eye; I season, slather it, batter it, and deep fry it. I serve it with butter whipped mashed potatoes, braised mustard greens, and bacon red-eye gravy.

 Now, that is freaking NAUGHTY!

K:  If the entrée is sex, what appetizer is foreplay?

Blythe: Chicken fried spicy lobster tail, with bacon cheddar creamy grits, and a golden tomato habanera sauce.

K: l predict you will become a phenomenon in the cooking world, especially with women because of your authenticity, passion, and bold sassiness. I appreciate what you said about loving and accepting ourselves for who we are; as women we continually strive to be good enough, thin enough, pretty enough, and smart enough. Where does your self-assurance originate from? 

Blythe: Well, first of all I have the most amazing family on the planet. I came from a home that supported one another in any dream we wanted. It breaks my heart that women beat themselves up all the time. Imagine if we spent all of our time celebrating what is great about us rather than feeling bad. We would change the world! I believe everyone is special, unique, and just the way they are meant to be. I want everyone to bring their best gift forward ... we are all stars!

K: Oh, you know I need to ask about Curtis, Spatial Arrangement Coordinator/Adam Lambert lookalike. I think many women will dig this Door Whore. Do you keep him in front because he’s a bit of eye candy or do you just want him the hell out of the kitchen?!

Blythe: Curtis is up front because that is his job.

K: Would you rather be a guest on Oprah, 60 Minutes, Saturday Night Live, or Ellen

Blythe: Why pick one? Part of TWCD is to achieve all of those shows and more!!! 

K: You admit that the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done in the kitchen is take a whole slab of bacon, rub bacon fat on it and then pack it with brown sugar. I just gained five pounds, girlfriend, and it feeeels reeeal good. What is the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done out of the kitchen?

Blythe: HEHEHEH ... you make me blush! People ask me that all the time. I think most of my naughtiness takes place in the kitchen. But, as a woman, I think the naughtiest thing I did was buy the most beautiful handbag and a piece of bling all in the same week to celebrate ... ME! By the way ... I think every woman should do that for themselves just because they are worth it!

We are all worth it.

K: Tell us about Calvin. In the show you express how much you heart him. Give us details.

Blythe: Calvin is an incredible man. He is even more beautiful on the inside than he is on the outside. He is an amazing person to be around. He is spiritual, strong, and has an incredible work ethic. He is also the father of three beautiful children and has an amazing wife.

 I just get to look at him!

K: Define “Total World Culinary Domination.”

Blythe: Total World Culinary Domination is my personal quest to take over the world diner by diner, meal by meal, and truly see what makes the rest of the world naughty. I have a TWCD check list of all the things I want to accomplish. It ranges from me traveling the country in a big pink bus learning the dirty food secrets of Americans—to going to women’s prisons and hearing their stories and cooking for them. There is so much I want to accomplish and so many people I want to meet and hug it out with!!!

K: If you could tell all women one thing, what would it be?

Blythe: If I could tell women one thing, I would tell them that they are beautiful, smart, sexy, driven, and just the way they are supposed to be! Women are amazing! I also would tell them to quit worrying about what everybody else thinks!

K: One last thing, Blythe; talk to us as if you’re talking to caramel sticky rolls, poached shrimp deviled eggs, or your signature dish, chicken-fried Kobe steak tenderloin doused in buttermilk and rolled in batter before being submerged in liquid fat. Please talk sexy and dirty.

Blythe: I would say you are all my sexy bitches and that I am going to rub on you, love on you, and make you all the best you can be!

I love on food, so it loves on my guests! When people come see me at Central 214 ... I want them to have the whole Naughty Experience!

I heart you, Blythe!