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Discover Six Easy Ways to Eat Out on a Budget

Eating out on a budget can be difficult, especially if you are taking the whole family. Many people think that eating out is too expensive, but here are six ways to eat out on a budget that do not take away from the enjoyment of the experience and the taste of the food:

1. Restaurants are open at lunchtime as well as in the evenings. Many restaurants are quiet during lunch hours. To attract customers during this quiet period, many restaurants have special promotional offers for lunchtime customers.  So keep your eyes open for restaurants advertising great menu deals at lunchtime. It is also a good idea to check the internet for restaurants advertising lunchtime rates and lunchtime specials.

2. Another feature to watch out for regarding restaurants is their promotions for free food. This may sound farfetched, though some restaurants looking to attract customers during the week offer free food increase revenue. Of course, you have to remember that well-known saying, “There is no such thing as a free lunch” and this applies to offers like these. Once you are in the restaurant, you will find free appetizers or free trays full of food samples. Obviously once you are in the restaurant the restaurant owner is hoping that you will be attracted to dishes on the main menu.  That may well happen, although because you have already eaten some free food, you will be less inclined to go for a main course may just order a low cost dessert.

3. In today’s society, you find that more and more restaurants are offering a buffet menu on particular days during the week.  Sometimes these menus are available during the weekends as well. With this option, you pay one price and then you can fill up your plate at the buffet with as much food as you want. Normally you are able to revisit the buffet if you want extra food or if you found a particular dish to be extremely tasty. The big bonus point with buffet menus like these, are that you know exactly how much the meal is going to cost and there are no extra charges.

4. If you and your partner are going out for a meal together, you will already be aware of the types of food you like and which ones you don’t, so it is a good idea to agree that one of you orders the starter and the other orders the main course. Then what you can do is split each course fifty-fifry. This halves the cost of the meal, while you still get to eat dishes that are tasty and very much enjoyable.

5. Restaurants often provide coupons for meals in various sections of local papers or via the Internet. These coupons can get you discounts on your meal.  You may even find a coupon that allows two people to dine for the cost of one.

6. Family meals are often advertised by restaurants where the kids eat for free! All you have to do is be vigilant and you will spot these offers, thus allowing you to eat out on a budget.

Credit: This is a guest post from Andrew Wang who also publishes a blog on making money.