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Disheveled Eggs

You might assume that because I cook and publish recipes for a living, that nearly everything I make turns out wonderfully and that every night my family sits down to a terrific meal. HA! The truth is that I experiment with new recipes most nights, and very often we sit down to a perfectly mediocre dinner or worse. (As my husband Andrew sometimes quips, “We choke it down so you don’t have to!”) Of course, I only publish the recipes that we love, and even those I run through testers first to make sure that my rare successes can be replicated.  

What’s even more embarrassing is that for all my cooking accomplishments, I still can’t make a decent hard-boiled egg. Every time I think I have a new foolproof technique, something goes awry and the eggs don’t peel easily or the yolks wind up an icky grayish color. (If you have a favorite technique to share, please post it as a comment on The Scramblog, as I haven’t given up yet).  

Lately my daughter Celia (age nine) has been nagging me to make deviled eggs with her, which she learned how to make last summer in her cooking camp. I have to admit I was stalling. I just knew our eggs wouldn’t come out looking anything like the beauties she made in camp where they actually piped the yolk out of pastry bags into the perfect little shiny egg whites.  

Finally I relented and last week Celia and I made our deviled eggs. Of course, the shells wouldn’t peel easily so the whites were ragged and the yolk mixture was plopped back in with a kitchen spoon. But we had a great time and laughed as we renamed them “disheveled eggs.”  

The truth, I realized, is that it doesn’t really matter how delicious or beautiful the end product is, especially when we’re cooking with our children or someone else we love. Cooking together doesn’t demand perfection, just a little time and a sense of humor, something I know I can use a little more of in my life. So here’s a little disheveled joy to share with your family: Disheveled Eggs Recipe