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Displaying Collections: Personalize Your Home

There is no better way to add your personality to your home than by putting the things you love on display. So the question arises, how do we display our beloved possessions without creating clutter? The answer, my friends, is to group them. Group your stuff. It sounds easy enough. But it begets another question, how do we group them?

One suggestion I often give people is to use pretty containers to display small items. My family loves the beach.

We go there several times each summer. We always come home with seashells. Fill a pretty jar with white seashells. It makes a great summery accessory and proves a display space for our seashell collection.

I love old buttons, especially old white buttons. Since the buttons are tiny, I didn’t want to overwhelm them in a large container. So I found a tiny canning jar shown in the picture above. Don’t they look charming?

Place them together and they create a lovely little vignette. Two collections. One vignette. No clutter!

The same idea can be used with larger pieces. Check out this grouping of garden statuary. It graces the top of an entertainment armoire. It makes a lovely statement and again … no clutter!