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Disrespect in the Workplace

I respect until disrespected. I began a job at an Auto Parts as a “merchandiser” in February of 2002. This job includes, computerized stock check-in and organization, min/max levels, out front displays, stockroom organization and inventory, as well as customer and account customer service and maintenance of those customers and account holders. I was there every time the doors opened respectively. Many times working overtime, weekends, holidays, covering an ailing eighty-five-year-old parts delivery drivers’ shift, maintaining appropriate public relations and account holders easily bruised egos, as well as their parts and warranties. It was a very sensitive and diplomatic job that includes inventory control and customer satisfaction.

The manager was rarely there and when there was inadequate and unprofessional. The responsibility of running the store fell on my shoulders, of which I took very serious accountability for. Many of the employees were stealing and letting account customers, in the stock room behind the counter, which was strictly against company policies. Because it was a rural agricultural community and most of the customers and account holders personally knew the employees, many of my co-workers didn’t see any harm in it. However, those procedures were wreaking havoc, in the stock-room, inventory department and there was no way to keep up with life-time warranty stock items in addition to the merchandise that had a thirty, sixty, or ninety-day warranty, because these customers would come through the front door, behind the counter and exchange their own parts in many instances, without receipts, claiming lifetime warranties that they may, or may not have had. 

Taking all of this into consideration, I went to the manager on many occasions and to the district manager regarding the problem it was causing inventory. In addition to his indifference, bringing this repeatedly to his attention, basically caused derision to the point of ridicule and being ousted by my fellow co-workers, middle and upper management, and a substantial loss for the corporation. 

In addition to my fervent and undeniable loyalty to the company, I held a high regard for my position in terms of personal accountability, both company and personal standards and did my job, with the highest respect for the company and my own personal obligations and moral code of ethics and conduct.

The disrespect and ridicule continued until it became impossible to respect that particular company, or their code of ethics regarding customers, account holders, employees, middle- and upper- management principles were corrupted and inappropriate.

I resigned after a somewhat significant injury was sustained during lifting inventory, about July of 2006, after a leave of absence, surgery, and extended therapy. I still remain a loyal customer of theirs, but don’t frequent the store at which I was employed.

The negative and improper, disrespectful attitudes, behavior, and immaturity from that corporation still resonates disdain, for their inability to maintain professionalism and acknowledgement of recognition, not only what they lost in terms of merchandise loss, but the disappointment in my personal realization that “scruples” and “respect” in the workplace are “non-negotiables.”