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The Do Shake

When you shake a man’s hand in business, at times it can be felt intensely throughout the world. I call it the “Do Shake,” as that’s the intent of the shake without the business. It always falls in a category familiar to them, yet remains mysteriously foreign to many women.

Maybe the next you shake a man’s hand for business, you should pay sharp attention to the process. It is either a strong shake or a weak one (with a possible bit of tremor attached). I believe the strong shake is the best, however, the shake itself contains a recipe of ingredients only we can decipher in that split-second moment if we’re paying attention.

Going about your business after the shake is another thing. The mind takes hold of the Do Shake and mingles with the business itself at hand. Maybe the shake is just the point of entry, just maybe it is to make a point in of itself on both parties involved in the particular process of doing business.

I would suggest we keep a diary of sorts of the shakes at hand. Imagine a photo album of hands we see on a daily basis that reach out to us with intent. It could be the difference between a good business deal or a hand that wants to do what’s on his mind. To know the difference is wise, yet to do different is wiser.

The answer lies in your own hand. Shake wisely and shake with faith. If you receive the Do Shake, well then, shake back harder and walk with confidence, knowing that recipe is one you do not need to bake.