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Do Women Get Cheaper Car Insurance?

Are you looking for a means of getting cheaper quotes on your car insurance? Would you like to save some money by spending less on your car insurance? Would you like some tips on how to get car insurance for less? Are you interested in getting to know if men pay more for insurance than women? Well, then read on and you will get your answers. Getting insurance quotes isn’t a problem. The tons of insurance companies available will definitely provide you with one. However, cheap car insurance is particularly hard to find particularly when you don’t know how to go about it and what to do.

Did you know that some factors can help you secure cheaper insurance? Most insurance companies would consider these before even considering you for insurance. So, to better your chances at getting cheaper insurance rates, here are the things you need to know: 

1. Gender: Males are more likely to get in car accidents than women. Thus insurers are more likely to charge the women far less than they would charge the men. Therefore, making insurance cheaper for the women. Research and history has shown that women are less susceptible to car accidents than men. This is because men are often more daring in driving while women are more careful. 

2.Your Records: By this I do not mean your identification or bank records. We are talking about your driving record. What has it been like? Have you been involved in some drunk driving or are you known unnecessary high speeds? Do you often break speed limits or get parking tickets? All these seemingly little things contribute to how your records look. Research has shown that the final premium price is largely determined by factors like such as the number of car accidents the insurer has been involved in, and the amount of traffic or parking tickets acquired over a period of time. It’s not hard to figure out. Someone with just an accident on his record will pay less than someone who has three. The cause of the accident is also likely to add to or remove from the amount to be paid. An accident caused by drunk driving will attract more insurance fees than one that is not. Insurance companies are generally more open to insuring cars with no history of accidents. 

3. Age: It is generally known that over 40 percent of the accidents recorded are caused by young adults. Therefore, most insurers tend to pay charge higher insurance fees for younger people. Insurance for teens exist but most insurance companies are wary of insuring teens unless they have proved beyond reasonable doubt that they are capable of handling the cars well. Older people also tend to get a bargain as it is generally believed that the older you get, the more careful you are.

4. Status, Single or Married: Married individuals are more likely to get cheaper quotes on the basis of their status in the society. This is because married couples are less likely to drive recklessly than singles.