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Do You Plan to Go Back to School?

We’ve gone on the record about the importance of education for your kids and you. Dr. Leah earned her doctoral degree and psychology license while solo parenting her two young kids. NOT easy … but that was her dream. And, of course, these credential made a crucial difference in how she was able to provide financially for herself and her kids.

So, we know (first hand) how frantic every day life can get.

Working and parenting can be overwhelming.

So, we’re really impressed when we find single parents who are going back to school on top of everything else! (Not to mention the fact that you show up as a single parent for own kids’ classes.)

That’s why were giving a special shout out to single mom inspirations who are back in school—and an invitation for you to tell us if you’re back in school right now … or considering it?

We’re SO proud …

Please let us know …

Are you back in school?

Maybe you’re in the planning stages?

Or just thinking about what you might like to study?

Your plans will inspire others.

Thanks for sharing all the details.

Originally published on SingleMomSeeking