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Do You See a Loonie?

There were fourteen people in line ahead of us, I know because I counted them. They were all waiting to place their submarine sandwich lunch orders. A twelve-inch BLT with extra lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. A six-inch, whole wheat, roasted turkey sub, toasted with cheese, a meatball sub with double sauce and hot peppers. The variety of preferences was notable and each person was intent on getting their orders customized to perfection.  

Looking ahead, something caught my eye at the front of the line. It was gold, it was round, and it lay shining its bright face up at me. It was a Loonie (a Canadian one dollar coin).  

I turned to Jacqui, “Look, a Loonie ... I wonder who’s going to pick it up. There are fourteen people ahead of us, surely someone will notice it and pick it up off the ground.”  

We watched and waited. As our turn slowly approached, nobody picked up the Loonie. There was not even as much of a glance in its direction from the fourteen people before us. How could they not notice?  

It occurred to me that it was possible that one of the fourteen may have noticed inconspicuously but may have felt too uncomfortable to pick it up.  

A part of me wanted to shout at the top of my lungs, “There’s a dollar on the floor people!!! Why won’t any of you pick it up???” Another part of me was still conducting an experiment and waiting to see what would happen next. Another part of me was still waiting quietly for my turn to reach the coin, in order to pick it up myself. There had to be a reason the coin was there- a story in the telling perhaps?  

I did get to the coin, and proudly picked it up. Why proudly? Because I was proud to have noticed the wealth that was literally under my feet! I knew instinctively that it was a metaphor for all of the wealth waiting for me right at my feet—all I had to do was notice. The evidence is always in front of me ... all I have to do is begin to collect it.  

As a Frame of Mind Coach, I work with a lot of people who struggle with financial challenges. They tell me about all the ways in which they lack money and about how it’s so hard for them to make a dime and keep it. They discuss the disarray of the economy and even offer political conspiracy theories to explain the economic downturn. They talk about how much easier it is for other people to make money and how North America’s distribution of wealth is unfair. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, they complain, and certainly that is exactly how it appears in their eyes. Why? Because they continuously search for evidence to support their beliefs—and evidence is always available to support what you are looking for.  

Here’s what I think. They are the ones at the front of the line who haven’t noticed the Loonie waiting for them right at their feet. They are the ones who just can’t see the abundance of wealth that surrounds them. They are too busy looking at how bad things are, rather than collecting evidence of the financial affluence that is theirs to have.  

What you focus on grows. Start focusing on how great things are and start seeking evidence of abundance in your life. It’s right in front of you—all you have to do is notice.