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Do Your Clients Rave that You’re the Best?

The rat race—most of us are a part of it. People are constantly striving for the new edge in business—that certain something that will make them stand out a little bit more than their competitor. Many small businesses put so much money into marketing in hopes of obtaining their next big sale, and then end up really upset when their efforts fall short. But is it all worth it? Are we getting any wiser or making our jobs any easier?

Let’s face it: business is competitive—but the truth of the matter is that it doesn’t have to be exhausting. There are two big factors that I feel make or break a business; “raving fan service” and being the best.

A common thread that most people can attest to is that we all lead crazy, busy lives. People are constantly on the go. There is your work life, personal time, spiritual time, family life, and socializing. It can be overwhelming to fit it all in! But here is the trend that most companies fail to realize—people want to be taken care of. Everything nowadays has a very “retro” feel to it. Cars, clothing, and even appliances are looking very similar to what they used to. Even television shows we all watched are becoming blockbuster films. Why? Because it reminds people of a time when they used to be taken care of—a time of “Sunday night” dinners with the family, where you have roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, and warm pie for dessert. A time where things seemed more relaxed and the “ol’ fashion values” seemed to be more prevalent. So let me ask you, does your business create that pampered feeling for your customer? What do you do that is above and beyond people’s expectations? Services you offer aren’t enough—your customers expect that—it’s what they pay you for. Your clientele needs to rave about what you do! I highly recommend the book, Raving Fan Service by Ken Blanchard. It’s an easy read on how to have your clients rave about what you do. This is so important because it will generate referrals for you and have people in your town talking about—you! This will assist your community in viewing you as the best—which brings me to my next point.

Let’s play out a scenario for just a moment: Who is the most important person in your life right now? Imagine that this person had a serious disease (heaven forbid!) and there were only two doctors in the world that knew what to do with it. The first, in Switzerland, costs over one hundred thousand dollars for the operation—and has a flawless track record. The other, nearby to you is much cheaper but ... the track record isn’t the best; this doctor has lost a few people. Now let me ask you this; how fast would you be on that plane to Switzerland?

Why would you be heading out there so fast? Simple. The doctor in Switzerland is the best.

That’s exactly what people want to deal with in all facets of their life: the best. Why would they want to deal with anything less? If you extrapolate this situation further—to the Olympics, to contests, world records, etc—you can probably remember or find who came in first place. They get the endorsements, big paychecks, and big lifestyle. But does anyone remember the guy that came in second? No.

Providing quality, excellence, and “raving fan service” to your clientele will ensure that you stay on top and talked about—making you and your company the best—without all of the exhausting marketing techniques that people don’t like anyway. Listen, your consumers aren’t stupid, they know when you are trying to “sell them” an idea.

It’s time to take a cue from some of the retro trends and give the people something they are looking for: quality, honesty, excellence, and love; wouldn’t you want that too?