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Doing It All – and at Once!

Do you ever feel like you’re always juggling a zillion things at once? In our fast-paced culture of “getting everything done” it’s easy to admire people who are able to juggle a number of balls and keep them in the air.

Last week I was pleased to listen to Angela Jia Kim’s vlog on Savor the Success about being a brand new mom. Even though Angela is sleep deprived, she tells us that she is focused with a new clarity. To Angela’s surprise she’s discovered that the adage “one thing at a time” has taken on new meaning for her.

Have you ever made a phone call and while you were waiting for your caller to pick up, or to get their answering machine, you did three or four other tasks? Eeeek, and then you forgot who you were calling. Or have you ever been talking on your cell phone as you walk into the mall, only to realize when it’s time for you to leave the mall you don’t remember exactly where you parked? Technology has added to the madness with folks answering and chatting on the phone at church, on the golf course, and in movie theaters.

Has over-the-top multitasking become the new normal for you? As you can see from my examples, memory and productivity are affected by multitasking. I have a friend who always reminds me that I need to go slow in order to go fast. This statement might seem like it makes no sense at all, but let me assure you that it works every time.

Are you up for a challenge? I invite you to try Angela’s “one thing at a time” for just one day: when you’re answering emails be fully in that task, when you’re speaking to your child focus on her alone, when you’re driving just drive. 

Thanks Angela, for reminding us to savor our experiences and our life. And of course, congratulations on your baby girl!