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Downsizing Before Our Very Eyes

I purchased a package of chocolate chip cookies at the store. The cookies are smaller than they use to be, however, the packaging does not appear to be sufficiently smaller. The company probably just downsized the plastic tray that fits into the packaging. This is just one example of products that I believe have been downsized in a very discreet way so the consumers will not notice it as much, unlike how they would take notice of a sizeable increase in price.

Toilet paper is another product that seems to have been downsized. The double roll use to be so full that I could hardly get it to fit on the holder, however, now I can put the roll on the holder and still have room on each side of the roll. Our local newspaper has cut down on the size of the paper, hence, less material to read. If the Parade magazine continues to decrease in the number of pages it consists of, as well as the actual size of the paper, you can probably carry it in your hip pocket! Other products that I’ve noticed on the decline are mayonnaise, ice cream, cereal, soap bars, and paper towels.