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Draw to You What You Want

Last time I wrote about the danger of focusing on the problem rather than the solution. There’s another reason why focusing on the road instead of the hole is important. It’s got to do with what The Secret is about. Say what you will about that massive bestseller, but there is a kernel of truth there as far as I understand. We all have the ability to use our energy in three ways—dynamically, to create the forward momentum of action, receptively, to become aware of what is available around and within us, and magnetically, to draw toward us that which we’re powerfully pulling in. The Secret is referring to magnetic energy, the attracting of what we persistently focus on.

Fear is a powerful attractor because we imagine a bad outcome so vividly in our minds, usually without knowing it. We make a scary movie complete with sound, lights, and action, which creates a strong pull on exactly what we don’t want, like the pot hole. That’s how we may unconsciously contribute to a bad thing happening. Notice I said may contribute, not cause. There are many other very powerful factors—social, environmental, political—which are beyond our control that are powerfully influencing our lives. So don’t use this to beat yourself up if something bad occurs.

But because I want to increase my odds of success in as many ways as possible, I make it a practice to consciously give my attention to what I do want in a situation not what I don’t, so magnetic energy will be on my side.

How about you? Think about what you want, the best outcome to the situation you find yourself. Now, vividly imagine the best result coming to pass—see, feel, and hear yourself in the experience. That’s what Olympic athletes do. Psychologist Stephen Ungerleider, who serves on the U.S. Olympic Committee Sports Psychology Registry, found that 83 percent of athletes surveyed used some form of positive mental imagery. Why shouldn’t you?

Take a minute when you wake up each morning and just before you go to sleep at night to bring the vivid positive outcome you want—a good new job, a product that sells, a partner to help--to your mind. Make it as colorful, loud, and real to yourself as possible. Imagine that you have a fishing rod in your hand. Throw that line out and hook that thing you want and reel it in. You’ll be using your magnetic energy to help draw what you want to you. During the day, every time you catch yourself focusing on the pothole, simply substitute your best possible result. It may not cause a miracle to occur, but I guarantee it will help make avoiding that big pothole a bit easier.