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Dream Your Perfect Practice Into Being

As the curtain closes on 2009, it’s the perfect time to ask yourself: Is your CranioSacral Therapy practice everything you want it to be?
  • Is your appointment book filled with ideal clients who inspire you?
  • Does your schedule support all your needs ~ physical, mental, emotional and spiritual?
  • Do you take plenty of time for self-care?
  • Does your marketing message and communications protocol inspire a steady stream of inquiries?
  • Do your written policies and procedures support you as well as they serve your clients?
  • Are you making a healthy income?
  • Do you feel creatively fulfilled?
If your answer to all these questions is a resounding “YES,” I raise my glass of eggnog to you!

And if not? Give yourself a big hug and remember this ...

Every moment literally brings fresh energy into your life. Energy that’s never been touched before. Energy that holds the potential for you to shape it into anything you desire.

How do
you want to use your energy now to create what you most want to experience in the coming year? Invite your Inner Dreamer into the equation. And take the opportunity to dream your perfect practice into being.

Start the process by asking yourself questions like these:

1. In my Perfect Practice, what does my treatment room look like?
  Feel like? Smell like? What inklings come to mind about my table, chairs, lighting, inspiring images, soothing sounds and aromas?
2. What does my desk and work area look like? How is it arranged to best support me and my ability to serve my clients with ease?

3. What does my waiting area look like? Sound like? Smell like? Feel like? What helps put my clients at ease when they arrive at my office?

4. Which days of the week do I work?

5. What hours do I work on clients each day?

6. How long do my client sessions last?

7. How much time do I have between sessions and what do I do with that time to best prepare for the next session?

8. What hours each day do I devote to administrative tasks?

9. What hours each day do I devote to marketing activities?

10. What are my fees and how do I collect them?

11. How much money am I making each month? Each year?

12. What is my twenty-four-hour cancellation policy and how do I reinforce it?

13. What packages of modalities and products do I offer?

14. What is my Passionate Marketing Message and how do I use it to attract my ideal clients?

As you ponder what you choose to experience in your practice in the coming year, keep a pen and pad close at hand. As thoughts bubble up, jot them down on the page.

Release judgment and simply hold the space for whatever comes up - just as you would if your Inner Dreamer was a client on your treatment table.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to take what your Inner Dreamer provides and make it real in your life and practice. For now, simply give yourself the privilege of dreaming.

I’ll be right here dreaming beside you.