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Dress for Success

At the waking of a brand new dawn, before the sunlight greets your face, the first thoughts that arise in your mind will set the tone for all that will take place throughout the course of the day.

For example, if your clothes haven’t been laid out the night before, your first thoughts might be directed toward what you should wear. Even with the many clothes crammed together to the point of suffocating on the hangers, you come to a blunt conclusion that nothing is aesthetically feasible.

If you pulled a late night, you may wake feeling quite lethargic and have no desire to get out of bed, let alone get dressed. 

Perhaps, thoughts regarding the slew of bills awaiting your attention, for which you have no financial resource to reconcile, plague you inwardly before your feet even hit the floor.

Maybe the question of how many more résumés you will have to submit before the idea of success is no longer a figment of your imagination but a living reality.

It is important that we uncover the basic definition of success. According to the American Heritage Dictionary, success is defined as the achievement or accomplishment of something attempted and the gaining of prosperity. Imagine how positive your perspective would be every morning if you arose believing that everything you attempted to accomplish would be accomplished. Do you think your attitude would become a powerful magnetic force pulling in opportunities from every direction? Yes, of course!

The foundation of truth upon which you must stand begins with acknowledging the fact that you were born to succeed, not to fail. When you understand that success is your birthright no negative circumstance will be able to keep you from embracing your inheritance. 

I challenge you to dress internally for success before you dress externally in order to perform at a maximum level of excellence daily. Begin with dressing your mind by focusing on the end results of your diligent efforts. It is so easy to get distracted with the amount of work necessary to see a goal fulfilled but it will all be worth it when you cross the finish line. 

Dress your emotions for success and decide to be strong in the face of ever-changing times. Inside you must be like a tree planted by rivers of living water. 

Dress your eyes for success and see only the possibilities that await your arrival. It is important that you envision a brighter tomorrow no matter how dark the day.

Dress your ears for success and listen closely to the voice of wisdom and ignore the discouraging claims of doubt. Fear not, and choose to fly free!

Dress your mouth for success and speak as if it already belongs to you. Talk yourself into a new job, a new promotion, or whatever you desire to have.

Now you are ready to dress your entire body for success because everything within you breathes success. Say “yes” to success and never settle for anything less! Always remember, better days are ahead.